Mycelium workshop

Workshop on how to use mycelium as an artistic material


I did a mini workshop about the use of mycelium for artistic purposes. Currently, much research is being done on the possibilities of using mycelium as a construction material, to make fabrics and as a sculptural material. In the workshop we were introduced to the different types of mycelium and nutrients.

The negative side: the cultivation of the mycelium needs a space completely clean of biological agents, which makes its grow very difficult if it is not in a laboratory prepared for that. For the workshop they gave us already bags -that are sold online-, prepared with mycelium and a nutrient. We were able to shape the mix, put it in a mould and close it with transparent film.

At home I left the mix in the dark for 3 days for the mycelium to grow. Once this was done, the mycelium was unmolded and I put in the oven at about 60 °C in order to be dehydrated. The final result is a whitish, resistant and very light object. The mycelium has grown thanks to the hemp that has served as a nutrient.