European Creator's Lab

Development Lab: XR narratives. Pôle PIXEL, Villeurbanne (France)



Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Development Lab, an initiative from the European Creator's Lab. It took place in the studios of Pôle PIXEL in Villeurbanne, next to Lyon (France). During a full week, 20 participants helped by 5 mentors, worked on the subject of how and why ideate and create concepts for immersive experiences.

It was an intense and collaborative experience where each team of 3 to 4 persons, with the guidance of a mentor, had to work on an idea, present and defend it, the last day of the workshop. My team worked on "The Emotional Framer", an artwork for your home that could depict your emotions thanks to sensors located in different objects or systems of the household.

We use the double diamond framework often used as part of the Design Thinking process to come up with a proposal after searching for different paths. I'm still processing part of the information and learnings.

I'm very grateful for the good vibes, the quality of the workshop and the organisation.